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Slitting is a process when the material is cut to a certain width from a log roll that has a specific winding.

We can cut adhesive tapes with exact dimensions according to our customers’ requests. For slitting, we use a particular machine that cuts the rolls automatically with an accuracy of thousands of millimetres.

Moreover, we re-measure the dimension to which our machine cuts a given log role with a calliper with great accuracy to ensure that we supply our customers with products they have requested.

- the maximum cut diameter is 500 mm
- we cut strips from 1.5 mm to 1650 mm wide
- dimensional tolerances from 0.1 mm

ADECT CZ - Slitting



In kiss cutting, the material that is being cut remains on the backing layer, unlike in die-cutting, making it easy to peel it off the surface. We use a cutting machine that has an accuracy of thousands of millimetres. Therefore, the surface the material is glued on is not damaged.

- synchronization of 2-3 tools
- combination of up to 5 materials in one production cycle
- cut tolerance +/- 0,15 mm

ADECT CZ - Kisscutting



The material is cut out entirely during die cutting, including its base layer, by a clicker die of any shape. Each part is separate. For easier separation of the material from its base layer, it is possible to use the so-called finger-lift, which we attach to the product.

- we cut materials up to a thickness of 12 mm
- cut to a width of 900 mm
- cut tolerance +/- 0,15 mm

ADECT CZ - Diecutting


(lamination and rewinding)

Lamination is a process when a machine – laminator - applies laminating adhesive to various non-adhesive materials. By doing so, we transform them into adhesive materials. We can specify a lamination thickness on the laminator to prevent the entry of air between the adhesive and its base layer and, thus, to achieve the best possible quality.

- we laminate and rewind to a width of 1500 mm
- winding on roll up to 300 m
- lamination of non-stick materials

ADECT CZ - Laminace
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